Potomac Speleological Club

Youth Groups and Sinnett-Thorn Mountain Cave System

Please read all the access procedures, rules and waivers before contacting the manager about gaining access. There may be new rules, waivers, and information since the last time you visited.

All youth group leaders must become familiar with all of their national and local organization’s caving requirements before asking for cave access. Local organization regulations may not weaken national organization regulations. All organizational guidelines/regulations must be followed.

All NSS guidelines must be followed by all youth groups.

An excellent resource is found on the National Speleological Society’s Youth Groups website. Read the information on the homepage, go to the index, read the brochures, and look at all the other information available on the site. There is a downloadable equipment checklist, caving equipment information, as well as brochures that may be distributed to participants and their parents.

Please ensure you meet all the requirements and have access to the proper equipment before contacting the manager.

Please do not ask for access if you do not meet all the requirements. Understand that STCC really does want to see kids in caves, but the landowner, STCC, and PSC must be protected against legal action. The most important goal, however, is to ensure that the kids and adults who enter this unique cave system do so in a safe manner.

If you belong to a national youth organization that has guidelines and regulations regarding caving that are not accessible through the NSS Youth Groups website, please contact the chair of the NSS Youth Groups Liaison Committee at [email protected] so that this information may be included.