Potomac Speleological Club

Mission Statement

The Potomac Speleological Society, Inc., doing business as the Potomac Speleological Club, (PSC) is an independent, nonprofit, incorporated organization dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology. These aims are attained primarily through the monthly membership meetings (4th Monday of each month), club provided services ( e.g., equipment pool, PSC Field House, club store, programs at meetings) and the monthly newsletter (The Potomac Caver). In addition, club sponsored trips and training programs are available. Many benefits are available to PSC members through the following Committees and activities:

Trips: Numerous caving trips and other activities are open to club members. Most trips are usually announced in advance in the newsletter and planned at meetings. The PSC trip coordinator supplies up to date information on future trips.

PSC Field House: The PSC Field House, located in Pendleton County, West Virginia, provides basic lodging and cooking facilities in one of the better caving areas of West Virginia. Use of the Field House is only available to PSC Members, Field House Members, and their guests. Membership in the Field House is at a reduced rate for PSC members.

Newsletter: The club newsletter, The Potomac Caver, is published bi-monthly. It includes a schedule of future events, articles on caving, trip reports, social news, cartoons, etc. Material appearing in the Caver is derived primarily from the contributions of the club members and all members are encouraged to submit any material which may interest the rest of the club, whether it relates directly to caving or not. The Caver is also sent to other caving organizations with whom we exchange newsletters.

Programs: The Program Committee is responsible for presenting an informative or entertaining program following most meetings. These programs may be lectures, discussions, slide shows, movies, or demonstrations. Anyone who wishes to provide a program or knows of a possible source for material is encouraged to contact the Program Chairman.

Library: The Club Library provides files of caving and speleological publications and houses the club records. These materials are available at the home of the club librarian (advance notice to the librarian must be provided).

Social: The Social Committee organizes various social activities throughout the year. These include annual Christmas parties, Summer Solstice parties, inner tubing trips, and Halloween parties.

Legislative: The Committee Chairman ensures that all important legal club related documents are filed with the appropriate government entities. These include mail permits, articles of incorporation, annual reports and club by-laws changes.

Archivist: The Committee Chairman keeps records of all important club documents and club meeting minutes.

Field House Search: Currently, we rent the PSC Field House. This Committee continues the search for the perfect club field house for ownership.

Conservation: This Committee increases club awareness of environmental and cave related issues, through petitions, letter-writing campaigns, cave clean-ups and the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Safety: The Committee Chairman sets up several training sessions throughout the year to assist club members in learning caving techniques and the proper use of caving equipment.

Pendelton County Cave Register Project: This Committee helps gather data on cave use by placing and maintaining registers in Pendelton County caves.

Printing: Once every two months, club members gather at the club’s printing press location to print the club newsletter and other caving materials.