Potomac Speleological Club

Membership Information

Basic information on becoming a member of the Potomac Speleological Club or subscribing to our publication, The Potomac Caver, is provided below. For additional information email our Membership Coordinator, Edgard Bertaut, at [email protected] or write to:

PSC Membership
C/O Edgard Bertaut
531 Mangels Avenue
San Francisco CA 94127

Membership in PSC

Application for membership in the PSC is open to all persons over the age of 18. There are no requirements for membership in any other organization.

Becoming a PSC member is a two step process:

The first step is to submit a written application for membership, along with the current year’s dues, to the Membership Committee. You may print out the on-line version of the Membership Application (Adobe PDF) and mail the completed application to the address above.

The current year’s dues, made payable to Potomac Speleological Club, should be submitted along with your application. The PSC Dues year begins on June 1, and dues are prorated on a quarterly basis according to the following schedule (Note: Family members must reside at the same address as a member paying full dues and do not receive any publications):

For an application filed in:Regular Dues:Family Dues:
June, July or August$10.00$5.00
September, October or November$7.50$3.75
December, January or February$5.00$2.50
March, April or May$2.50$1.25
There is also an option for 3 years at $25 (usually for renewals — not prorated)
Make checks payable to: Potomac Speleological Club

As an Applicant you may have use of the Library, attend meetings, and receive the club newsletter, The Potomac Caver. Applicants are not members and may not: vote on any matter except those relating to social functions, act as committee chair, or hold office. Within one (1) year of the date of application an Applicant shall successfully complete the membership requirements or their application will be considered to have been abandoned and their status will be converted to Subscriber for the remainder of the current paid up dues year.

The second step in the membership process is to satisfy the requirements for membership, which include the following:

  1. The Applicant shall have spent time underground in the company of not less than two (2) Regular members of the Potomac Speleological Club.
  2. The Applicant shall own a hard hat and caving lamp.
  3. The Applicant shall have demonstrated the following qualities to the membership:
    1. Willingness to abide by the policies, rules, requirements, and other like matters of the club, particularly those relating to safety, conservation, and consideration of cave owners’ property rights.
    2. Ability to conduct himself/herself above and below ground in a safe, considerate, and mature manner.

After demonstrating basic, safe caving skills, you may then become a Regular member and be assigned a membership number. The Applicant should advise the Membership Committee by submitting documentation of the required underground trips identified in a) above, along with the endorsement of two (2) Regular PSC members in good standing. Submit this to the address above. No additional fees are required to complete the membership process.

Subscriptions to The Potomac Caver:

Both Regular and Applicant members receive The Potomac Caver as part of membership. However, if you are only interested in receiving The Potomac Caver, you may become a Subscriber. A Subscriber receives The Potomac Caver, but no other Club benefits. You may use the on-line Membership Application or a letter with your name and address. The subscription fee is $10.00 per year, prorated on a quarterly basis according to the following schedule:

For an subscription entered in:Pay:
June, July or August$10.00
September, October or November$7.50
December, January or February$5.00
March, April or May$2.50
Make checks payable to: Potomac Speleological Club

Mail your subscription fee to:

Potomac Caver Subscriptions
C/O Edgard Bertaut
531 Mangels Avenue
San Francisco CA 94127