Potomac Speleological Club

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PSC meetings are currently being held online, and are open to members and non-members alike. Come get involved and stay up to date with caving news and events! Meetings are normally the fourth Monday of each odd-numbered month (January, March, etc.). Click on 'Program Details' below for info on how to participate.

Date :
Jul 22, 2024
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7:30 pm
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Welcome to PSC

The Potomac Speleological Club, incorporated in the State of West Virginia as the Potomac Speleological Society, is dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology. The PSC invites cavers (and potential cavers) from all parts to participate in the club’s many ongoing caving projects and social events. We especially welcome those persons interested in wild caving for the first time.

Sport caving is dangerous and should not be entered into without proper equipment and guidance. Above all, PSC promotes safe caving practices and the preservation of caving ecologies.

Who We Are

Founded in 1957, PSC is an independent, nonprofit, incorporated organization dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology. These aims are attained primarily through membership meetings, club-provided services, a monthly newsletter (The Potomac Caver), and club sponsored trips and training programs.

Becoming a member of PSC gets you involved in the caving community, equips you with the knowledge and tools to practice safe, fun caving, and offers numerous benefits such as organized trips and access to the PSC Field House. Find out more about membership here, or stop by a meeting to learn more.